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                           Used for:

  • Water treatment.
  • Breweries and industry for mineral water.
  • Dairy industry.
  • Meat and Poultry industry.
  • Wineries
  • Baking industries
  • Textile Industries Leather processing
  • Graphic industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Textile industry
  • Construction industry

a. For water treatment

  • Ferric Chloride
  • Aluminium Sulphate
  • Cationic polymers

b. Chemical that are used in food industry:

  • Alkaline chemicals for CIP Systems
  • Acid chemicals for CIP Systems            
  • Disinfection chemicals for food industry
  • Lubricants for food industry
  • Antifreeze for food industry                                                                                                                                 

c. Disinfection agents and Surfactants for food industries:

  • Impuls C-40  alkaline chemical for CIP systems
  • Impuls PS-75 acidic chemical for CIP systems
  • Trakal C for fast conveyor belt
  • Trakal for conveyor belt
  • Impuls Perox for disinfection
  • Impuls DF for disinfection

d. Other chemicals used in the industries:

Foaming detergent with stabile foam made with organic acids, anions active materials and nonionic components.

Alkaline product based on nonionic surfactants and caustic soda.

              Acidic product with disinfectant based on phosphoric acid.

-MIX G10
Additive for alkali bottle washing and cleaning based on surfactants and phosphoric acid.

 - MIX 100 BPRD
Acidic additive for alkali washing based on surfactants, phosphonates and phosphoric acid.

               - MIX 100 BNA
               Additive for sodium hydroxide for bottle washing with nonionic surfactants.

            - DT-6
Acidic product for cleaning limestone build up based on sulfuric acid

             - SEPTACID BN
           Cleaning product for acidic environment based on sulfuric and other organic acids

              - PS75 
             Cleaning product based on phosphoric acid.

Cleaning product for reducing the brewery limestone based on nitric acid and stabilizer

Cleaning product for fermentation reservoirs, installations and CIP systems based on nitric acid and other organic acid.

-WSP 400
Limestone inhibitor for hot water areas used for
pH environment 11-12 based on phosphoric acid.

             - PUREXOL 2
             Alkaline surfactant based on sodium hydroxide and chlorine for disinfection.

           - SUPUROXID
Disinfection product based on:


a.15% peracetic acid and 20% hydrogen peroxide
peracetic acid and   9% hydrogen peroxide

Product for automatic lubrication of conveyor belts.

Silicone product for automatic lubrication of conveyor belts.

5. Liquid soaps

  • Liquid Soap-foam
  • Bactericidal soap-foam
  • Liquid Soap 
  • Bactericidal liquid soap
  • Soap bars.
  • Granulated soap.
  • Dispensers

A. Industrial washing detergents for clothes

  • Liquid washing detergents for colored clothes.
  • Washing detergents for clothes-powder
  • Softener.

B. Liquid detergent for dishwashing

C. Limestone removal product


6. Car accessories

  • Calcium grease
  • Aluminium grease
  • Complex grease
  • Antifreeze ready mix
  • Antifreeze concentrate
  • Windshield cleaning product for winter and summer
  • Cleaning product for metallic surfaces
  • Engine cleaning chemicals


7. Paraffin

A.Paraffin For:
Wood industry
Physical therapy

B.Liquid paraffin
Technical grade
Pharmaceutical grade
High density
Middle density
Low density

8.Candle product
Home made candles